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High-quality voice calls,Why Buy a Nokia GSM Cell Phone? Articles support for services like text messaging and easy international roaming laid the foundation for a global boom in cell phone use. Mobile telephony during the 1990s was dominated by GSM, and by mid-2008 GSM cell phones had a worldwide subscription of over three billion. According to a 2008 report by the GSM Association, about 1.3 million GSM cell phone connections are added everyday. This amounts to 15 connections per second. This escalating popularity GSM technology can be dated back to the first Nokia GSM cell phone, the Nokia 1011, which was launched in 1992.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Nokia GSM Cell Phone

The biggest benefit of this cell phone is that it is SIM-independent. This implies that you can use different numbers on the same phone. If you need to change your existing contact number, you need not replace your prized cell phone, thereby allowing maximum flexibility. Another key benefit of a Nokia GSM cell phone is that they consume less power and the calls tend to be more secure. Also, a majority if these phones come with a distinct IMEI number. This technology locks the Nokia GSM sell my cell phone cell phone in cases of theft or loss.

While the benefits of owning a Nokia GSM phone are irrefutable, before buying one, take into consideration the fact that the call and roaming charges on these phones tend to be higher. Also, the coverage of GSM phones tends to be less than CDMA phones in rural and remote areas.

Why should you buy a Nokia GSM Cell Phone?

A Nokia GSM cell phone is best for those who travel overseas frequently. A GSM phone will help you use a local SIM card, significantly cutting down on roaming charges. You can also consider buying a Nokia GSM phone if:

You do not intend to use your phone for data transfer. For those who use their cell phone for Internet browsing and downloading, CDMA phones are more cost-effective.

You tend to change your cell phone often: If you are a gizmo-freak, who likes to remain in-tune with the latest cell phone technology, a Nokia GSM phone is better than a CDMA phone. A GSM phone enables you to retain and carry forward your old number ad contacts to the new phone.

The launch of Nokia 1011 revolutionized the communications industry. Nokia GSM phones have since transformed into technological and design marvels, integrated with high-end features like wi-fi connectivity and GPS systems.