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Fantasy Sports – The Key for Reviving Sports

There are millions of people all over the world that enjoy sports,Fantasy Sports – The Key for Reviving Sports Articles counting myself in of course. I love watching all kinds of sports, playing some sports and lastly, playing fantasy sports. Whether you love it or not, call it competitive game or just a waste time, you can’t deny that fantasy sports had become one huge market and had taken the world by storm. According to a 2008 research survey by Ipsos, there are nearly 29.9 million Americans is already hook up on fantasy sports and the total market impact of fantasy sports is just under $4.5 billion.

I knew about fantasy sports just a few years ago. At first I was just all eyes and cheering for the fantasy team of my friends, but then I was envious and before I knew it, I have my own powerful fantasy team and I had been an avid fan ever since. Unlike some fantasy sports player, I do not play big money. I make it sure that the money I will spend here is just a part of https://sportpopolsku.pl/ my savings or a little extra on my money. Of course I win some little cash here too from time to time.

If it is not because of Fantasy Sports, I would have given up on sports for a long time now. In some point of my sports life, I was busy at work to play any sports at all, and then I was so sick of all the drama that surrounded professional sports and athletes. Every time I turned the TV on I would hear about a player holding out for more money on an already over-inflated million dollar contract or a player with a case of abuse, physical injury or harassment or a player being famous on their love affairs. The love of the game was being overtaken by the love of money and fame, and I was totally getting sick of it.

I have heard similar stories from many of my friends and colleagues as well. It seems that most people are generally in stark opposition to the way in which professional athletes have turned a game into nothing more than a business. I know many people that have stopped watching professional sports altogether because of it.

I know other people who would not have much to do with professional sports if it were not for fantasy sports. I am sure that my experience is not all that uncommon either. It seems to me that a fantasy sport has been the greatest thing to happen to professional sports in quite some time. Playing fantasy sports allows a person to feel as if they’re actually involved in the dynamics of a game, even if it is only online. It brings out a sense of commitment and a desire to watch sports like nothing else can so that you can research the best players for your team.

Fantasy sport has forever changed the future of sports for the better. It has provided an injection of much needed enthusiasm (not to mention money) that was beginning to wane a few years back. It has served to revitalize the sports industry. And if I’m wrong about this, then at least it had revived my passion on sports.